H O M E
  O V E R V I E W
  F E A T U R E S
  B E N E F I T S
  S P A M  C O S T
  P R I C I N G
  S I G N  U P
  M E M B E R S
  W E B  E M A I L
  A B O U T  U S
  C O N T A C T  U S

SpamEater.Net Features:

  • No Installation Required
    Filtering is done on our server. For Domain Filtering, there is nothing to install on your server or any changes required on your clients. A simple MX record change on your DNS server is all that is required. For Filtered Email addresses, it's as easy as setting up another account in your email program, or setting a one time forwarding on our end.
  • Multiple Access Options
    For filtered email accounts, you can access your messages here with any of the standard POP3 or IMAP protocols, through forwarding to another email address, or using our feature rich web based email system.
  • Custom Configurations
    SpamEater.Net support custom settings for nearly all options in the filtering process on a domain and/or email address basis.
  • Blacklist Checks
    By default, checks are made against a number of DNS blacklists that look for known spammer IP blocks, open relay servers, spam friendly ISPs, etc.
  • Local Blacklists
    This allows you to, by recipient domain or email address, specify addresses or domains that you do not want to receive email from.
  • Local Whitelists
    This allows you to, by recipient domain or email address, specify addresses or domains that you always want to receive email from.
  • Bayesian Filters
    We maintain a well trained Bayesian database for use when processing messages looking for spam. This database is trained continuously and is extremely effective in spam detection.
  • Score Based Filters
    The SpamEater.Net system works on a scoring system. This means that with the exception of the local white/blacklists and virus checks, no single check can cause the rejection of a message.
  • Reduntant Virus Filters
    All email is checked for viruses twice, with different software, to help ensure that all delivered email is clean and carries no dangerous payload.
  • Web based SpamEater.Net Management
    The web based SpamEater.Net interface allows you to configure aspects of your account filtering such as setup of whitelist and blacklist entries. You can see here lists of the messages processed for your account, and, as well, any quarantined messages can be safely viewed here and released or deleted as appropriate.
  • Extensive Reporting
    At any time, you can visit the web interface to SpamEater.Net and see numerous reports and charts of the mail processed by the SpamEater.Net servers for your domains. An example of the Top Viruses chart can be seen below.


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