H O M E
  O V E R V I E W
  F E A T U R E S
  B E N E F I T S
  S P A M  C O S T
  P R I C I N G
  S I G N  U P
  M E M B E R S
  W E B  E M A I L
  A B O U T  U S
  C O N T A C T  U S

High Mountian Software has been providing software solutions since 1991, ranging from custom applications for BBS sysops to vertical market business applications. iSpeed for Windows and SpamEater Pro are two of our popular shareware releases, going back to 1997.

Since 1997, High Mountain Software has provided Windows users a solution to fight spam with our popular desktop spam filting application SpamEater Pro. We have now brought our expertice and experience to the server side with SpamEater.Net - a managed server solution to spam and email viruses for personal and business use alike.

Our spam fighting days started back in 1995 when running a uucp gateway to the Internet for email and newsgroups for the FidoNet BBS community in the Denver Colorado metro area. The solutions developed there then grew into the SpamEater Pro desktop application, and now to SpamEater.Net.

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