H O M E
  O V E R V I E W
  F E A T U R E S
  B E N E F I T S
  S P A M  C O S T
  P R I C I N G
  S I G N  U P
  M E M B E R S
  W E B  E M A I L
  A B O U T  U S
  C O N T A C T  U S

SpamEater.Net Spam Cost Calculator
Do you know what viruses and spam are costing you or your company each month? Complete the information in the form below and click the Calculate button. You may be surprised at how much money is wasted each month as a result of spam and email viruses.

Average total number of messages per day (for valid addresses):  
Average hourly wage for each person:  
Average total number of spam messages per day:  
Average time spent manually deleting spam (per msg):    secs
Your Total Cost of Spam per Month:  $ 
Average number of virus infections per month:  
Number of people req'd to combat viruses:  
Average hourly wage for each email admin:  
Hours req'd to cleanup virus attack:  
Your Total Cost of Viruses per Month:1  $ 
Your Estimated SpamEater.Net cost/month:  $ 
Potential Monthly Savings with SpamEater.Net:  $ 
1Does not include any amount to account for data loss or compromised data, and includes no amount for the recurring cost of desktop anti-virus protection (highly recommended).


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